Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Just two weeks ago I celebrated the morning light when the time shifted back to EST.  This arriving daylight allowed me to feed the animals before heading off to work each morning.  My sons were thankful for this shift as morning chores were no longer a task to be accomplished before beginning their day.  This may sound strange but I enjoy the hike up the hill to feed the pigs.  The morning air is brisk, the grass often crisp and sometimes I catch a glimpse of the sun rising across the valley.  I wear layers once the season begins to change, big fleece pants and a fleece jacket or two go over the clothes I will wear to work.  Gloves are a necessity; my current pair is mismatched remnants from last season.

The arriving morning light is celebrated but the quick dash to do evening chores is getting old.  Three of the sows have moved to the barn but the dozen weaned piglets and Boris and Penny are still in the pasture.  The turkeys are over by the stream, hopefully fertilizing the raspberry plants before they are slaughtered for Thanksgiving this weekend.  Maybe this weekend or next will bring the opportunity to move the Big B and Penny to the barn as well.  I considered undertaking this on my own last weekend but with the rest of the family off hunting I decided it was best not to let the 600lb. boy out and simply encourage him to follow me down the hill.  There are way to many potential mishaps if he decides he does not want to go into the barn.  The piglets will venture to Rhode Island to be pasture raised meat pigs the weekend after Thanksgiving.  So until life is simplified by all of the critters having access to our barn with lights I will dash out each evening in the dwindling light and then retreat into our warm, well lit home.