Saturday, March 30, 2013

Web Site

As we gear up for a summer of raising poultry and meat pigs I spent a recent snow day creating a website on weebly.  As many of our sales come from placing a sign next to the road or a Craigslist ad I am not sure of the benefit of a more formal web presence but I decided it could not hurt.  I am happy with the results and welcome your feedback.  If you are intersted in checking out Another Button Farm's new site it can be found at

Big B

Hogwash Bam Bam came to our farm in December of 2010.  His name did not go over well with teenage boys so he became what so many boars are called, Boris.  I would often call him Big B.  He was respectful to the sows and always mellow and gentle with us but we respected him because of his size.

Our sows have had a difficult spring farrowing.  I believe there is some virus effecting the herd and biology tells me once you have a virus it is always present so we have made the tough decision to cull the herd and start fresh.  After the first sow had a small, weak litter we thought about allowing the girls to farrow one more time in the fall.  When the second sow had a small litter last week we decided there would be no fall litter.  It becomes a financial decision not an emotional one... no piglets means the sows are not paying for their grain.

I researched boar taint and debated about keeping him away from the girls and reducing his hormones but when it is about $4. a pound for commercial slaughter and sausage making.  But if that did not work and the meat still taste "boar" like it was not was not worth experimenting.

A Craiglist ad offering him for free drew a quick response and he left this week.  It is different having an animal leave the farm not knowing how he will be treated.  When I took Sparks to the slaughterhouse my conversation with Royal as we unloaded her was on that left me knowing she was in good hands.  He appreciated her gentle nature and that she easily followed me.  He asked about her litters.  He is a farmer, knew it is part of life's cycle.

Here on Another Button Farm we are begin with a new crop of registered Tams.  I am looking forward to meeting them.